When you choose Carolina Modular Buildings, you can depend on one-stop service for every step of the design, construction, financing, and installation processes. Mobile trailers and offices are available for lease (with or without the option to buy) or simple purchase, depending on your company or church’s specific needs. We assist you through the entire design process, providing helpful feedback and experience to make sure the finished product does all that you need it to and looks the way you envisioned it.


Before work begins on your project, we conduct a feasibility study so that there are no surprises down the road. We supervise the construction and installation of your modular building to verify that it meets all applicable South Carolina building and safety codes. The actual construction of your building takes place in an enclosed factory, eliminating weather-related delays and missed deadlines. Contact us to tell us about your situation and find out how our company can help.

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Feasibility Study

Architectural Review


All of our manufacturers have many years of experience in the modular building industry and are fully qualified to tackle any project.  All of our manufacturers build to multiple code compliances so that Carolina Modular Buildings, Inc. can offer modulars for Educational, Medical, Correctional, Construction, and Business usages for multiple states.  All of our manufacturers' facilities are environment-controlled, ensuring no delays or damages to building materials due to inclement weather.  Building time generally takes between four to eight weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the modular.  Because aesthetics are important to your business, Carolina Modular Buildings, Inc. offers a variety of choices and features.  Brick veneer, stucco, vinyl or wood siding, sheetrock walls, commercial grade tile, carpeting, and more.

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